“Steve is a magician. I was lucky enough to talk to him about a problem I had with my business - I couldn’t work out whether I did one thing or another. By asking exactly the right questions he showed me that in fact I have 34 products to offer the world.”

- Rob Glass; Guardian Masterclass Video Trainer and LinkedIn Learning Instructor


I have a simple purpose. I use group facilitation and coaching approaches to support clients and enable them to achieve their goals and objectives. I do this with careful design and planning and appropriate execution. A programme might include a kick-off facilitated workshop followed by individual coaching, skills or technical training, all supported by webinars and self-directed learning. I work with coaches and mentors - plus experts in particular fields - to deliver the most appropriate programme to meet your identified needs.

Capacity and capability

I draw from a network of highly experienced facilitators and coaches so that I can deliver what’s right for you; creating the right team to deliver the results you are seeking. I lead larger teams - sometimes up to 8-10 facilitators - to deliver programmes where intensity of engagement or sheer scale of delivery are needed. Sessions can last from an hour; workshops can run over, say, 1 - 5 days. Linking activity together - i.e. with monthly or quarterly workshops - can lead to programmes that might last 12-18 months.


Make sense. Take action.

Uncertainty is making decision-making riskier and a new mindset is needed. The leadership role is calling for greater courage, vision, and openness.

If you are concerned that you lack sufficient knowledge in your executive team to lead the transformations needed; then you aren’t alone. I support organisations of all sizes to make sense of this.

“Steve helped me formulate my strategic thinking in advance of an in-house strategy session for the whole company. Invaluable!”

– Charles Towers-Clark, Group CEO at Pod Group

If you’d like to experience the impact of Asking Better Questions in your work and life, then let’s talk. Get in touch to book a meeting - phone, facetime, skype, google hangout… If you’re in Nottingham there are a number of places we could meet… including your office.


what do I think? what have I been up to? + people and places that have influenced me or are worthy of some note..


Steve Hobbs

Facilitator, speaker and executive coach.

I have been working as a facilitator, coach and mentor for over 20 years. In that time I have designed and delivered workshops and 1:1 activities for thousands of business executives, entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals in hundreds of organisations in the private, public and third sector.

While I love to support enterprise in my home city of Nottingham, I spend a significant amount of time working across the rest of the UK, in London and overseas.

I love the fact that wherever I am invited to work, I end up in a new room with new people and new challenges every time. Seriously fun stuff.