Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

- Joel A. Barker


I spend my time devising and Asking Better Questions. That helps me design and deliver workshops and programmes that meet your needs and support achievement of your goals; personal, team and organisational. To help you on your individual journey I coach and mentor 1:1 as well. I specialise in the behaviours that get things done. The agenda is yours.



Lean. Effective. Low risk.

I love working with those in the early stages of creating their own business. It’s such an exciting and sometimes scary time. I’ve helped 100’s develop belief in themselves and their ideas and find answers to the question, what next? Let me do that for you.

I will help you make sense of… testing your ideas, gaining feedback, developing a successful business model, finding customers and generating revenues... all the time minimising risk and conserving resources. Lots to balance and disciplines to learn.

I use some great tools, methods and approaches that contribute to getting your new venture off the ground. I use a ‘lean start-up’ approach together with the ‘business model canvas’ that really helps bring clarity to your thinking and direction to your planning.

My approach is fun.. and challenging. I bring a lot of personal experience to the work I do; I’ve both failed and succeeded. I’d like to help you do more of the latter.

That’s by no means the full story… but it is a place to start. It would be great to chat about your ideas - why not get in touch.


Scalable. Adaptable. Evolving.

Supporting owners and executives as they plan for growth is always both stimulating and challenging, at the same time. Every organisation is different and what motivates people is often also different, even within the same team.

I love working with a team to get to the heart of what matters to them and why. It’s great to see clarity emerge from chaotic thought processes; and new choices becoming clear.  Choices that turn into strategies that are aligned around a shared vision for the future. I’ll introduce you to ways this can be achieved.

I encourage honest exchanges to build trust, and that trust is what provides the foundation for considering new approaches, fostering creativity and innovation around business models, developing plans for the future...

I also work with people to develop a growth mindset, one that may require a change in the behaviours that got them to where they are now, particularly with their people.

I’d love to work with you on growing your business, developing your mindset and helping you to develop an evolving, scalable, sustainable model for the future.

team in busy office.jpg



Make sense. Choose. Transform.

I’m finding that I’m working with more and more leaders where the traditional approaches they’ve used to lead their organisations and teams are under growing pressure. Experienced people are finding many of the certainties that enabled them to get where they are today are disappearing. Uncertainty makes decision-making riskier and a new mindset is needed.

To maintain performance in the new ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous’ world we all now live in, new skills are increasingly needed. These are social and emotional skills, particularly in leadership and management, as well as interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills. They’re needed across the organisation. I work with approaches that develop your skills and mindset and those of your people.

The leadership role is calling for greater courage, vision, and openness. I get excited working with a team as they build their capacity to change and adapt, to make good judgements and new plans and strategies.

If you are concerned that you lack sufficient knowledge in your executive team to lead the transformations needed; then you aren’t alone. I support organisations of all sizes to make sense of this.


If you’d like to experience the impact of Asking Better Questions in your work and life, then let’s talk. Get in touch to book a meeting - phone, facetime, skype, google hangout… If you’re in Nottingham there are a number of places we could meet… including your office.


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